When you are implementing a brand new IT system and integrating data
and processes across your most critical business operations, you need an
experienced partner to work with you closely on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A failed integration or a delayed go-live could create an unacceptable level of disruption for users and put customer satisfaction at risk. Integrys will help you to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, setting realistic project expectations and timescales. By leveraging our consultants’ extensive experience and a structured project delivery approach, we will help you to achieve your goals, on time and on budget.

The Integrys Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service

The Integrys Implement 365 Service is very flexible and can be tailored to meet your objectives, within your deadlines, and fit in around your other business priorities. Our project delivery approach is based Microsoft’s Sure Step Methodology and takes the format of a series of well-planned phases. From the outset, we will work closely with your in-house IT teams and users to make sure that the implementation is delivered at the pace and in the manner that works best for you.

Here is an overview of the Integrys project delivery approach:
Project phaseWe will:Tailored to your requirements, our services may include:
DIAGNOSEIdentify your business challenges or systems issues and evaluate solutions
  • Analysing challenges and systems issues
  • Envisioning potential solutions
  • Reviewing of your requirements and processes
  • Demonstrating proof of concepts
  • Providing an initial ‘fit gap’ analysis
  • Assessing your architecture
  • Providing a detailed business case
ANALYSECapture the needs of your business and users
  • Holding workshops with your functional experts to understand their needs
  • Analysing gaps between current processes and standard functionality
  • Creating maps of business processes and workflows
  • Detailing your data migration requirements
  • Identifying your infrastructure, integration and interface requirements
DESIGNPlan the right solution to meet your business needs
  • Designing the core system to satisfy those requirements identified
  • Calculating the estimated costs of any modifications, integrations and data migration programmes.
  • Beginning the transfer of knowledge to your core team
  • Gaining your sign-off on the overall implementation design and costs
DEVELOPBuild and test the system components defined
  • Configuring the system in a development environment
  • Completing any code customisations
  • Finalising integrations and interfaces
  • Preparing for full data migration
  • Undertaking thorough system testing
DEPLOYTransition your business to the new Dynamics platform
  • Training your in-house trainers and experts
  • Facilitating end user training
  • Supporting the final migration of all data
  • Undertaking performance and user acceptance testing
  • Providing a go-live checklist
  • Switching over to production
OPERATEGive you the skills and competence you need to manage your new systems
  • Providing post go-live support
  • Delivering a project closure report
  • Ensuring all aspects of the project are fully delivered
  • Documenting lessons learned

Once your evaluation is complete and you are ready to deploy Dynamics 365, Integrys can guide you through the subsequent phases of your project.

Integrys Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service

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