Implementing the software isn’t the end of the journey.
Microsoft Dynamics AX can be fine-tuned and adapted over time to
make sure that it continues to deliver the best possible performance..

Now that your users are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics AX and you are confident in your new business processes, it’s worth taking a look at the additional features that are available to see if they could increase your return on investment. Equally, if your business needs have changed or you have aspirations to enter new markets, you may need to adapt your original business processes and develop new ones. Whatever your situation or goals, Integrys can help you to optimise your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX systems, so that they deliver the greatest benefits for your business, now and in the future. 

The Integrys Optimise AX Service

Depending on your specific goals, the Integrys Optimise AX Service will cover some or all of the following areas:

Business Intelligence

Do you need better
business insight?


Could you automate
more processes?


Do mobile employees
work efficiently?

Digital Dashboards

What information do
you really need?


Are you managing access
and permissions?


Are you making optimal use
of standard features?

Development Tools

Do you need
enhanced capabilities?

e-Business Portals

Could you collaborate
more effectively?


Is it time to improve your
document management?

Extend the capabilities of your core system

As part of our Optimise AX service, we can help you extend the capabilities of your core systems by unlocking functionality that you have already got but not yet fully utilised. We can also work with you to help you evaluate complementary third party industry solutions, apps and cloud services, where appropriate. We will evaluate your requirements, identify opportunities and integrate new functionality with Microsoft Dynamics AX to further enhance the efficiency of your business.

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