LEAN Business Management

LEAN Business Management delivers the benefits of LEAN Business Management Software combined with LEAN Management Thinking

LEAN Business Management is focused on increasing productivity and adding value to organisational functioning. LEAN Business Management is also about reducing non added value activity and reducing process waste. This fits with every organisation across all industry sectors. LEAN aims to create process speed by improving on cycle times and increasing efficiency within each process. All businesses have processes that will evolve through the ability of your people to work the process, understand the process, analyse the process, document the process and improve the process. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX, Integrys can help you achieve this.

Faced with challenges such as reducing costs, better information accessibility, automation of business processes and improved operational efficiencies, there are more and more organisations looking at having an integrated management information system that can manage the flow of information amongst all their departments and divisions and make it easier for customers to do business with them.

Dynamics AX supports Lean Business Management

Increasingly, organisations need the ability to be agile and flexible in order to be able to react and accommodate changing demands from their customers such as order changing quantities, reduced pricing and shortened lead times. In addition to driving key “Value Stream” improvements, LEAN Business Management also focuses on key “Waste” Reductions to continually improve efficiency, productivity, reduce costs and increase revenue opportunities

Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to deliver the functionality and flexibility companies need to meet the challenges of a LEAN implementation. As an integral part of a familiar and adaptable end-to-end business management solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you achieve the insight, agility, efficiency and customer orientation that enhances profitability and improves business performance. Indeed, many self service facilities are optional to enable customers to have direct access to Dynamics AX which can enable them to view information such as work in progress, check stock levels and input orders.

LEAN Business Management Software

 The 7 Key Value Stream Improvements

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What our clients say...

Rather than software dictating our business, using Integrys’ detailed knowledge of our requirements combined with the inherent flexibility of Dynamics AX, we now define how we want to run and develop our business.

Ian King, Chief Financial Officer, Trespass

LEAN Management Thinking

The 7 Key Waste Reductions

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